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Try the Whipped Coffee Trend!

Try something yummy in your quarantine! I decided to get on the whipped coffee trend and I am glad I did because it is super delicious & easy to make- just keep on reading!

First gather together your ingredients. They are all equal parts so it makes this recipe super easy to follow!

2 tablespoons of instant coffee (yes, it must be instant coffee)

2 tablespoons of sugar

2 tablespoons boiling water (I recommend boiling a small pot of water and dishing out the 2 tablespoons once ready)

Large mixing bowl


Milk & Ice filled in glass- about 2/3 or to taste

Now, lets make the whipped coffee topping! Whisk together your dry ingredients (instant coffee & sugar). Then, add in your boiling water. At first, your mixture is going to look very dark but that's ok- keep going!

Then, whisk whisk whisk your life away until you are profusely sweating and your arm feels like it is going to fall off. You're going to start to see the color change to this light, creamy, caramel color. Keep going until it starts to look/feel frothy and well whipped! (see images above)

**Tip** tilt the bowl slightly and whisk on an angle for faster results

Finally, spoon over your glass of milk and ice & enjoy!!

**Tip** stir up before drinking to enjoy the full flavor

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