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I Cut Hair for the First Time!

Who knew men needed haircuts so often until this quarantine; am I right?! Guys are getting so desperate for a trim that one of them even trusted me to pull out the scissors! Check out the process and results below.

First and foremost, this is my neighbor and friend so don't worry we have been exposed to each other from the beginning of this pandemic (insert eye roll). Also, keep in mind, I have never cut hair before. I watched a couple of YouTube videos and just like that, Nicole's Barbershop was open for business. We set up shop outside on the balcony and had to get a little creative with the whole cape thing. We thought it would be a good idea to just cut a hole in the head and slip it over his body... Well, we didn't realize his shoulders were that broad and ended up having to stick his arms through the sides. After much laughter and several bad Halloween costume comparisons later, I officially started.

I wet his hair with a spray bottle and combed through for several minutes accessing the situation. I started cutting on the side. Then, I moved to the back. I held the comb upright and cut through the comb. Next, I snipped the top working in sections following the lines that were already there from a real barber. I kept moving back and forth working and evening out sections until finally, it was good enough! And hey, I don't think it looks too bad!!

When Monday morning's zoom meetings rolled around, his haircut got noticed! Everyone was curious where and how it was cut. They thought it looked great!

Final thoughts: Would I do it again? Well, I don't know; it was extremely nerve wracking. There was a lot of responsibility riding on me. I learned guys hair is wayyyy more complicated than I initially thought. And ladies, he is single & ready to mingle.

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